Are you ready for your dream job?

Your headhunter has just contacted you to inform you that you have landed an interview for a job that will define your next career move. The job of your dreams is only a click away; you send your CV and application and now you’re invited for the best pitch ever: a job interview where you have the opportunity to showcase your experience, talents, and expertise and shine bright!

But there’s a slight obstacle standing between you and your dream job, besides the competition you are facing from other applicants: the job interview will be held in English and the thought of communicating in a language that’s not your native, frustrates and stresses you out. Do you panic and decline the interview invitation because you consider your level of English not so great, do you immerse yourself in intensive self-study mode hoping to cram in as much English knowledge as possible or do you leave it to luck and use whatever English you know for this particularly crucial situation?

None of these options will prove to beneficial or bring you closer to your dream job. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for a job interview to be held in English; as it’s not unusual for professionals to travel around the world to pursue the career of their dreams. English is a universal language used in doing business, simply because companies and organisations are open to hiring the ideal employees, regardless of their origin. Multi-cultural working environments are the new productive and collaborative setting where more creative solutions, comprehensive perspectives and elaborated answers to today’s issues are generated.


Let’s return to you, the job seeker with a vision, the professional who wants to be part of an international company and flourish, and that upcoming English job interview! Where to start to get on the right track and maximize the results in a short time? 

We offer you our FREE Job Interview Master E-book, a must-have guide for all modern job-seekers who want to land their dream job! Put your best foot forward in achieving your goals by downloading it now and seizing the moment.




Not sure if the Job Interview Master E-book is for you? Go ahead and watch our SOS Guide for Stellar Job Interviews in English video where we show you why it is a valuable prepping up tool for every modern job-seeker who wish to bring their original and confident self to the interview of their dream job.

As an English language coach who’s been actively helping professionals add English into their comfort zone for over a decade, I have experienced first-hand the stress and frustrations of many job interview candidates related to performing with confidence in English, and I have witnessed the positive transformation of each job applicant when they know what and how to improve their language skills!

So, if you have an upcoming interview, whether it is for your dream job or for continuing your studies at your dream University, then the SOS English Job Interview Coaching is for you!

Say goodbye to rusty English and lack of confidence and say hello to laser-focused 1-2-1 language coaching for:

  • fluent and clear English
  • answering tricky job interview questions with confidence and originality
  • using the right terminology or specialised vocabulary needed for your job interview only
  • highlighting your skills, expertise and strengths for your future interview, with an easy but clear action plan
  • learning how to do a smart and efficient research on the company you wish to work for so that you become fully in sync with their philosophy

The first step to a successful job interview is planning ahead with confidence and the SOS English Job Interview Coaching is designed to help you do just that!


Good luck!

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