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Do you already have a basic knowledge of English and would like to learn where you’re standing in the crowd? Take our quiz and see if you are able to stay away from "false friends" -words that look and sound similar but have different meaning- and other traps typical of English.


We can then refine your knowledge further in your special field of expertise.
Alternatively, we will consolidate the foundations first, and build a beautiful palace on top.


Welcome to this short test made by ProEnglish. There are  45 questions in the quiz, it should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete it.


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1. She _______ like to give _________.







2. Which sentence is correct?







3. First he called me, _________he sent an email to explain his absence.







4. I___________ this. Please, ask someone else to help you.







5. I think for________ and not for others, I can’t help it.







6. I____________coffee, shall we go to this lovely Cafe ?







7. I don’t know the answer, __________.







8. How long_________________for this company?







9. Which sentence is correct?







10. What professional background____________from?







11. Which sentence is correct?







12. The meeting was____________however, my boss was __________.







13. ___________responsible for this damage?







14. Sorry, I can’t find _____ wrong here. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, can you suggest _______ else?







15. She refused to help us in any way _________ was rather unkind of her.







16. Which sentence is correct?







17. I promise that I __________ as soon as he sends me all the information.







18. Would you _________if I close the door? It’s cold!







19. She dresses_______man. She definitely needs to buy new clothes!







20. The doctor ________ that another similar case __________ in this clinic, so we felt we were in the right place.







21. She’s going to the hair salon to _________.







22. He lost his job six months ago and _______ for a new position ever since.







23. I overslept and missed my first day at work! If only ____ so deep.







24. Dear Mr Keller,

I am writing _______my application for the position of Sales Manager that your company offered me last week.







25. It’s OK, ________ we will make it to the train station in time!







26. They used to be very poor. Now they no longer need to make ends ____.







27. She would have passed her exam, if she _______ harder.







28. Depending ____ the weather, we might have a picnic in the park.







29. I prefer handwritten letter _______ emails, I am old-fashioned.







30. Janet ______ her idea, I think we should keep it _____ mind.







31. Scientists have ______ concerns about the prolonged use of smartphones and ______ deprivation.







32. _________ a new meeting room in our main building, we should _____ the personnel.







33. Some people’s teeth are highly____to cold.







34. After finishing his work, he_______ down to rest.







35. In the light of the above findings, we _______ the following _______.







36. What is the meaning of the following sentence?

My boss is driving me around the bend at the moment.







37. They ________ the view as they drove along the mountain road.







38. I don’t ____ her name as we met only once during the conference days in Paris.







39. They started a company together but when there were no earnings but only loses, their decision to nip the problem in the _____ by selling the company, was the right thing to do.







40. This famous journalist is so short-tempered; he should try to ____ his anger.







41. It’s time that we ______ of a new product after the not so positive feedback from our customers.







42. Can you please stand _____ him so I can take a photo with both of you?







43. Which of these sentences has the right number of commas, with each comma in the right place?







44. Choose the most appropriate ending for this sentence.

I have to start saving money if I want to buy this pair of shoes of……







45. It’s been three weeks without any progress on our project. If we want to meet the deadline we should get the _________.

All done! You have completed the ProEnglish test. Complete the form to find out how you scored.

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