“A book is a device to ignite the imagination”, Alan Bennett once said, declaring his love of books. We share the same admiration and love for books.

I personally believe that reading is magic: books have the ability to transport us to other worlds, whether we choose to travel with our imagination into the past or transport ourselves into the future. Books can be excellent companions and help all language learners improve their language skills at the same time. To be more exact, a book not only serves as food for our the soul; a book also contributes to understanding the cultural and linguistic elements of the language it is written in.

In other words, reading is one of the most fun and effective ways to improve your English.

How? Reading in English can:

  • help your brain get into the “English mode”; you gradually loose the urge to translate word for word into your native language and feel more comfortable in thinking in English and you love reading books in the original language!
  •  familiarise you with the English culture itself; you become aware of idioms, expressions or metaphors in English and their meaning; your understanding of the language goes beyond grammatical, syntactical or lexical comprehension.
  • be the best way to increase your vocabulary bank; you notice new words and how they can be used in sentences instantly

 and finally

  • reading a book (in the original language) is the best discussion initiator, as it ignites your imagination and has you engaged in stimulating conversations, where you find yourself expressing your views and opinion in a second language!

Can you recollect the last time you sat down with your favourite book and a cup of  tea or coffee and lost track of time while each page carried you further in the story? Have you also felt the urge to talk about the book with others after you finished reading it?

We pose these questions because we’ve noticed throughout our language coaching experience, that reading-especially-for language learners isn’t aimed at just absorbing new words or complex sentence patterns; reading also serves as a means to achieving great fluency when you actually activate the language you’ve been exposed to. Therefore, when it comes to learning or improving your language skills, picking up a great novel can be the first step to achieving not just good reading skills but also improving the way you think and speak in English as well! In other words, you put all the new linguistic elements you encounter in your book into practice while expressing your views on what you’ve read. It’s so motivating to start conversations on topics that you like, don’t you think? Books can be the perfect discussion starters!

As you’ve noticed by now, it’s clear that we love books and we believe that they are timeless, so they are always current and are a fantastic way to speak English effortlessly!

So, If you love reading books and talking about them and you want to have interesting conversations with others who wish to improve their English in an intimate and supportive environment with a good blend of British tea (tea makes the world better), then our Magic Reading and Conversation Groups are for you!

We invite you to the wonderful world of reading and we look forward to having amazing and engaging conversations with you, that will help you use English effortlessly and with confidence!
We have designed 4 Magic Reading and Conversation Groups, so take your pick and join us for some stimulating conversations that will help you participate in any kind of conversation in English, anywhere, any time!

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