Medical English Coaching

Working in the healthcare sector is all about improving and saving human lives daily with your skills and expertise. As a healthcare professional, you want to provide the highest quality of service to your patients, national and international. Good English skills not only ensure a smooth communication channel between you, your patients and your colleagues but also act as a safety net for all sides.

If communicating clearly and efficiently, instilling trust in your patients, and making sure they have an accurate understanding of the prescribed therapy are among your desired goals, then this course is for you!

ProEnglish 1-2-1 Medical English Coaching:

Your Healthcare Practice Accelerator

Focus Group:

Physicians, Registered Nurses (RN), Consultants, Therapists, Alternative & Complementary Medicine Practitioners, Pharmacists, and other professionals working in the healthcare sector.

Action Plan:

A fully tailored experience for your specific line of work that will include:

  • Improvement of your general English knowledge and pronunciation
  • Strengthening of your communication skills
  • Broadening of your English medical jargon
  • Practicing real-life situations in English, like
    • conducting a physical examination and taking patient history
    • explaining process and treatment protocol
    • giving a presentation
    • breaking bad news
    • handing over a patient
    • using a functional language for prescribing and diagnosing illnesses

* This type of coaching is suitable for the Intermediate to Advanced level learners (B1-C1).


Benefits of ProEnglish 1-2-1 Medical English Coaching:

  • Converse fluently with English speaking patients for better therapeutic results
  • Absorb English medical literature and expand your baggage of knowledge
  • Produce accurate English records and present findings to the medical community
  • Use international medical terminology and abbreviations effortlessly
  • Connect with fellow colleagues in the medical profession


coaching sessions (6 x full 60 minute coaching) for 855 CHF (instead of 900 CHF) or
8 coaching sessions (8 x full 60 minute coaching) for 1,120 CHF (instead of 1,200 CHF)


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