Why ProEnglish

The English for you: Whether you need to make a presentation, speak to a group, converse comfortably or simply become more skilled in your English, ProEnglish is for you. ProEnglish is a highly personalised approach to learning and improving your English. ProEnglish is a NEW solution designed especially for you!

  • Learn exactly the skills and solutions you need.
  • Invest in a custom-made course that adjusts to your own objectives.
  • Get on the fast lane for a quick & efficient approach that makes you feel more comfortable after a few sessions only!

Check out our strengths below compared to a traditional school

  • Highly personalised action plan

  • Learning material tailored for your needs

  • Variety of learning modes

  • Full 60-minute sessions

  • Groups for maximum interaction (3 to 4 persons)

  • Individualised feedback for each class showing the progress you make

  • The course design is malleable to help you reach your learning goals

  • Grammar is still the way to erect a skyscraper

  • Technology, architecture, psychology, medicine & biology, finance, marketing, HR, project management

  • We bend to your time schedule

  • 90% of ProEnglish students complete the course study & reach their targets

  • General action plan

  • Standard course books

  • Limited teaching modes

  • Usually 45 minute sessions

  • Groups offering no room for clearing personal doubts

  • You need to wait for a general test to learn if you are on the right track

  • Restricted teaching adaptability to your own pace and advancement

  • Grammar might not be covered when you need it most

  • General lexicon for everyday life                                                                        

  • Mostly, on premise coaching with no re-scheduling allowed

  • High frequency drop out for lack of tangible results


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