We live in the digital era, where our online presence is scrutinized almost daily by colleagues, friends, suppliers, customers, and business partners. A professional is aware of the value of networking platforms and will leverage his profile to attain visibility and hence the possibility of fruitful collaborations.

There are many online networking platforms segmented by industry. Personally, we prefer LinkedIn as it gathers all professionals from around the world.

Once you have decided to build your online profile, the next important matter is how you create an impressive LinkedIn profile and what information you should share with your audience in order to get noticed. The purpose of any professional online platform isn’t just to have a high number of people under your contacts folder. That’s cool but you should aim at a higher goal.

Discover how to set up a great LinkedIn profile with this short playlist we’ve compiled for you: 

  1. Creating A Killer LinkedIn Profile: Tips From Link Humans by Alexis Baird – If you love infographics, then this is for you. It contains a good deal of tweaks to make your profile stand out.
  2. 3 Secrets to Creating a Killer LinkedIn profile by Michael Fertik – This article shares three powerful secrets you need to know, if you want your profile to be noticed by all the right people.
  3. Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Magnet by Melonie Dodaro – If you love short, informative videos, then this one is for you. This video tutorial comes with clear examples of what you should be doing in order to create a compelling profile that sells.
  4. The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers by Zabih Ullah – If you are looking for the next step in your career and you want to apply for your dream job, your LinkedIn profile is your business card for meeting the most coveted recruiters.
  5. What Every Job-Seeker Needs to Know About Selling by Liz Ryan  This is a very inspiring and helpful piece you can use to compose a great LinkedIn profile that will land you a job in line with your true life and professional mission.

Okay, now you know what it takes to create that awesome LinkedIn profile. How about the actual part, where you need to show your linguistic skills and piece together great content?

What we cannot stress enough is the correct use of language. Most of you will opt for a LinkedIn profile in English because English has established itself as the default business language around the globe. If you’re not a native speaker, you need therefore to be extra careful.

What you need to consider when creating a LinkedIn profile in English:

  • Spelling errors or grammar mistakes: professional credibility can be easily lost if your texts contain spelling or grammar mistakes. Make sure you have your copy proofread before you publish any information.
  • Style: formal or informal language? Choose the right style to write up your professional background, skills and expertise. Once you have found your own voice, keep the same style throughout all the Linkedin profile sections. This leads us to the next point:


Amazing Conversations Start With (the) Right Verbiage Tweet that! icon_twitter_1_25x25

  • Verbiage, in other words, appropriate expressions and vocabulary that are used within your industry and field of expertise. If you want to reach out for experts in your industry only, you can use highly professional jargon. If your intended audience is broader, try to balance technicalities with simpler expressions that describe who you are, what you do, and why you do it. If don’t feel confident with this task, what you can do is scan for profiles in the same industry and notice the style and verbiage to get inspired. If that seems too time-consuming, we would be glad to show you how to start composing ace texts for this purpose.

Other things to be aware of are:

  • avoid repetition of words and expressions: give a chance to your readers to enjoy your texts and feel compelled to contact you
  • avoid copying and pasting sentences from the Net (or from other profiles you think are well composed): your final text will sound inauthentic and leave no positive impressions; plus, you don’t want to be a copy cat
  • avoid replicating your CV file and rather go beyond the standard: choose the most outstanding facts of your career, education and skills that would help you attract the right partnerships, clientele, and the international career you’ve been dreaming of
  • update your personal or company profile often: online professional networking platforms are not a static set of information; make sure you share your evolution and progress with your audience

If you think it’s finally time you had more than a noticeable LinkedIn profile but a stellar online media presence and you don’t want to spend too much time verifying the linguistic accuracy of all the elements, ProEnglish can help you give voice to your online identity, find the right tone for you, and make sure no incidental mistakes stay in your way.

Book a consultation for our Corporate Coaching or Sleek Authoring services and go beyond creating text just for your online professional profile. Get all the tools you need to compose impressive texts for your business, your projects, your presentations; get a complete package to know how to promote your expertise and skills in written form.

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