In today’s world, there’s hardly a job that does not require English mastery. International opportunities, specialised literature in many disciplines, connections on the world wide web have reshaped our linguistic abilities and defined English as our business passport. Whether you apply for a new job in your country or abroad, one thing is certain: you need to prepare for an ACE English  job interview much ahead of time. What happens when you have a date for your dream job interview but you feel out of your comfort zone when it comes to speaking in English? We have your back! Let’s revamp your CV together and get you ready for the next step in your brilliant professional career. 

The ProEnglish SOS English Job Interview Coaching is your solution if you wish to

  • find a job abroad and you need to immediately prove through your resume, your social media footprint, and your interview that you master English
  • apply for an internal job opening within your company as the business expands to other countries, like China or the U.S.
  • get immediate support for a job interview that has just popped up through connections, headhunters or competition
  • enrol for additional roles within international organizations, committees, and consortia in your field of expertise
  • apply for a higher degree at a top university and you need to prepare yourself for the imperative admissions interview

What is the SOS English Job Interview Coaching?

It is a series of highly tailor-made English coaching sessions that focus on your specific needs with the aim to prepare you for a successful job interview. Face to face or online, each interview generates enough tension; by possessing a strong English foundation, you will feel more confident and can say goodbye to most of the stress that comes from communicating in a different language. Even if in English, you need to be able to highlight the unique traits of your personality and the complete set of skills you have acquired over the years.  Together we create a plan of action to strengthen your English competence and help you become confident and collected for your dream job interview.

So, if you:

  • feel concerned that you won’t perform well in English during your interview
  • haven’t been practising English in years
  • lack the necessary English terminology and special vocabulary for your field of expertise

ProEnglish can offer you a great sense of security and confidence for:

  • acquiring the right terminology needed in your profession
  • helping you highlight your skills, qualities and strengths for your future interview in a simple step-by-step coaching mode
  • using correctly basic business etiquette: pre- and post- interview stages
  • showing you how to do a smart and efficient research on the company you wish to work for so that you become fully in sync with their philosophy
  • polishing your accent and fluency, even using your own smartphone
  • learning how to break the ice with the interviewers 
  • handling tricky or challenging interview questions
  • learning how and when to pose your own questions to the interviewers

If you have an upcoming job interview or you want to start applying for your dream job, the first step is using English with confidence.
Go ahead and book your personalised Job Interview Coaching and put your best foot forward in achieving your goals!


* For a sneak peak start downloading the FREE Job Master Ebook to get you started with prepping up for that critical job interview. Together we can work  further on your preparation with the personalised Job Interview Coaching plan, solidify your best job interview performance and propel your career to new heights!



4 Job Interview Coaching sessions (4 hours in total) for 500 CHF or
Single one-off coaching sessions (one full hour) for 130 CHF