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Get to know your English master coach

“The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them” – Stephen King

If this is true in literature, it is actually valid in all contexts of life, and even more so when the communication occurs in a language that is not native to you. Whether you are entertaining with friends, or presenting your business ideas, mastering a language will improve your chances for expressing yourself clearly, and in turn obtaining a fruitful exchange of thoughts.

It is with this vision in mind that I founded ProEnglish, a safe space for professionals who crave to expand their knowledge of English at a deeper level, and become real authorities in their specific areas.

Let me show you how to find your own voice and be confident when you communicate in English. Let me help you every step of the way express yourself with accuracy, efficiency and elegance. Let me show you how to achieve communication (written or spoken) with clear and effective content that will set a wonderful basis for interesting, stimulating discussions, conversations that can lead to powerful collaborations, inspiring dialogues and ultimately a top performance from your side.

My background and the birth of ProEnglish

My passion for words, genuine communication and rigorous expression, led me to explore the English language in depth. Thanks to my extensive studies in English, Applied Linguistics and Specialised Translation, I have been channeling my passion into teaching non-native Polytechnic students (ZHAW, Switzerland) and later on, creating a nerve center for individualised coaching to professionals, ProEnglish.

I created ProEnglish to bolster English learners through greatly personalised action plans, exceptionally tailored learning material, expert terminology in various professional terrains, malleable courses, and above all, passion and love in coaching throughout the educational process. During our journey together, you’ll become able to reach higher and higher targets, and eventually achieve your life and professional ambitions.

Leave hesitation, confusion and disorientation behind. ProEnglish ushers creativity, motivation in English learning, a decade’s experience in language teaching, expertise in designing learning material for professionals who want to perform in English with confidence!

Random Facts about your English Coach:

  • I love playing with words and combining them in unusual ways
  • I am curious in discovering new cultures, travelling is a passion of mine
  • I nurture diversified interests that span from architecture and fine arts, to the latest in technology
  • My fondness for psychology helps me find an authentic tone and method for each of my clients
  • I am gifted with the ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way



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