The Confident English Online Conversation Coaching Program

Are your oral abilities as good as your writing skills? Or do you rather hesitate when it’s your turn to speak English? What is your level of confidence on a scale from 1 to 10? If you are just at 6 or less, this is your chance to give a boost to your English confidence! We have the ideal solution for you to banish your English shyness and find your fiery English voice: the Confident English Online Conversation Coaching is here!

What is Confident English Online Conversation Coaching?

It is a weekly run series of 1-2-1 English conversation sessions via Skype, each one of full 60 minutes, that

  • will help you enhance your verbal English skills in a fun and interactive way
  • will focus entirely on you and you only! You will be prompted to speak on a number of casual and targeted topics, and we will pinpoint the areas you need to reinforce
  • will have you ready to converse fluently during a dinner with friends or express your opinions and be actively engaged in business meetings and networking events 
  • will allow you to reach higher confidence levels based on solid grammar foundations, a rich vocabulary, and effortless fluency

Perks of the Confident English Online Conversation Coaching

Your money, your goals: Whether you are planning a trip abroad and you need a good English brush-up, or you want to expand your vocabulary for a specific topic related to your line of work or studies, we will tailor a super-personalised coaching program for you.

No books needed: All the complementary material is designed directly by Vera to meet your specific needs. You’ll get an individualised handout, corrections at each session, a smart vocabulary and expressions list, PLUS monthly progress feedback to keep track of your progress and the areas we recommend you should work a little more on.

Save commuting time: Go straight to learning and improving your English skills from the comfort of your office or home!

Choose your favourite topic for discussion: take a leading role in your coaching program and reach the goals you wish.

Time flexibility: Let’s be realistic! We all have a busy schedule these days; let’s coordinate and find a time that works best for you.

Who can attend the Confident English Online Conversation Coaching?

This series of online sessions is designed for Pre-Intermediate (A2) to Upper Intermediate and even Advanced English Language Learners (B1+-C2).

What do you need for the 1-2-1 Confident English Online Conversation Coaching?

All you need is motivation, a good internet connection*, and a Skype account. We will take care of all the rest, curating this experience in every little detail to help you reach a higher level of English confidence! You can start anytime: flexibility is essential!

How can you register?

Step 1. Fill in the registration form you find at the bottom of this page.

Step 2. You receive all information about the online course by email, including dates and payment terms.

Step 3. Get ready to have an exciting time with us during your Confident English Online Conversation Coaching sessions!


Feel free to choose one of the following packages, based on your availability and budget. You can always renew or upgrade your package.

  • 6 Confident English Online Conversation Sessions (6 full hours) 540 CHF – payable before Start Date
  • 8 Confident English Online Conversation Sessions (8 full hours) 720 CHF – payable before Start Date

Check out the cancellation policy** below.

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* Internet Connection
ProEnglish is not responsible for the quality of your internet connection. In case there are any connection issues during the Skype call, the remaining time of session will be carried out as agreed.

** Cancellation Policy
To cancel an online session, you need to email ProEnglish at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time and date; otherwise, the session is charged.